Economy Garages is a 28 year success story and with over 8,000 of your northland neighbors as customers were a proven partner for your next garage.

Our success is based in one stop shopping. We do it all: Permits, Design, Dirt & Site Preparation, Concrete & Garage construction. No headaches or wasted time. Our crews are seasoned professionals building you a quality garage, always leading the way, so you don't have to.

No, Economy Garages are not your typical contractor. With a fleet of crews, state of the art production facility, 28 years of experience and over 8,000 customers. Economy Garages is the Lakes Area's largest "In-Demand" Garage builder.

Makes your next garage: Built Right & Priced Right

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Economy Garages - Hwy 210 East - P.O. Box 487
Deerwood, MN 56444 - 800-837-5506 : the information generation