Welcome to Mark Ukura

I work at UnitedHealth Group as a front-end designer and content management specialist with a minor in media creation (graphics, audio and video). I love creating designs and layouts and working with code.


I've been coding websites since 1995. The only thing that hasn't changed much is the constant flux and evolution. There's always something new to be learned.

I was hired as a technical support analyst at an ISP named USLink. As a side project, I created an internal tech-support knowledgebase. This impressed my boss enough to help create an internal webmaster position, taking care of the company website, unix system administration, managing DNS and web-hosting servers.

Serving in multiple techincal roles has really helped defined my biggest asset, versatility. It's also incredibly helpful to offer a perspective that bridges between technical, creative and business teams.

My positions have evolved into more content authoring type roles in the enterprise. I still inhabit a unique space where i'm part graphic designer and part front-end developer. One of the things I enjoy the most is learning new tricks and skills and I take time every morning to learn something new.


I divide my time at UnitedHealth Group between serving as the main content specialist for the corporate website, foundation website and stride initiative. I update investors information, post press releases, content updates, and create custom code to extend the content management system. I also provide audio and video expertise to support the communicators around the enterprise.

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Feel free to contact me with questions, freelance work and whatever else you might need.

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